Colleen Kasprzak (Penn State)

Come join Charlotte’s Revit User Group, on January 27th, to hear Colleen Kasprzak discuss how Penn State is implementing BIM.

Penn State has a unique opportunity to diversely implement BIM processes because not only does the University act as an owner, but also as designer and construction manager on the majority of projects. The main focus as an owner is the importance of driving the BIM model by keeping the end in mind.

This presentation discusses:

  • The struggles of large-scale BIM implementation as owner
  • Methods Penn State is currently pursuing to create a successful BIM strategy
  • How to integrate BIM into the current FM system

Colleen Kasprzak is currently the BIM Implementation Strategist, LEED AP, at Penn State University. As a member of the Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) Research Group she was involved in the authoring of the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide. Colleen is also an active speaker, presenting on BIM at events such as the AGC BIMForum.


Date: January 27th, 2011

Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Cost: Free

Location: TPM – Charlotte

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