Meeting: 360 Field and 360 Glue

Next Meeting: 360 Field and 360 Glue

Both Autodesk 360 Field & Autodesk 360 Glue have become valuable BIM Collaboration tools in the daily operating procedures of many construction managers.  These tools add value from initial preconstruction efforts all the way through closeout and final punch lists.  Brian King, Gregg Haeberle and Daryl from Rodgers Builders Inc. will provide an overview of how each of these products works and the value that they have added to the company.  We will also show how architects, engineers, consultants and sub-contractors interact with these tools on a typical project.  You will see how 360 Field & Glue have changed the workflow of a construction project and provide for a more streamlined communication process.

Featured Speaker: Rodgers Builders

Date: Wednesday, April 6th

Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Cost: Free

Location: TPM-Charlotte

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